Sunday, June 10, 2012

It has been awhile since I have added anything to this blog. I am not sure if anyone has noticed....but just in case here is what has been going on. On April 30th I wasn't feeling the greatest so I didn't go to work. As the morning wore on it just got worse to the point that I couldn't stand up and pretty much had my husband help me back to bed. So I agreed to go to the doctor. Once there my doctor decided that he wanted some blood work done. And while I was downstairs where they were trying to draw blood I decided that sitting up wasn't an option anymore. They couldn't get any blood out of the one arm and was trying the other arm when I said I had to lay down. I have no idea to this day where they ended up getting blood from. But since I wasn't getting up they decided to call an ambulance.  This was a Monday and I didn't get out of the hospital until Friday. I had a bleeding ulcer.(Duodenal) They did 2 scopes before they found the "culprit" and gave me 4 units of blood. At one point my hemoglobin dropped to 7.9, which is scary. It is supposed to be 12 or 13.
God did bless through all of this. If my husband wouldn't of been home to take me to the doctor I couldn't of made it my self. Not sure who I would of called, not sure I would have called anyone. I now have a different perspective on things. I can't do it all. It doesn't matter. I can get someone to either help me or it can just wait.
Things I want to remember:( These are not necessarily in the order they happened) The nurse coming down to the lab to stay with me until the ambulance came. Danielle holding my hand after the second scope. I felt so nasty I didn't want to talk. She just held my hand. Stephen coming as soon as he could. Saying "Mom, I am used to getting these kind of calls about Dad...not you. Alison picking flowers (dandelions) just for me. Stephen bringing his whole family to see me even though the hospital might not of been the best place for his newborn to be. Madison worried about her grandma. Every one of my family came to see me. When I got home Monica came over and fixed lunch for us and ended up cooking for every one. Blaise coming in the house and the first thing he said was "Grandma Evens are you all better now?" Alison coming in and just sitting with me for awhile when she could of went and played with her cousins.
So needless to say it has been a experience and a journey back to feeling like my old self. Until now I haven't felt like crafting anything.( That was a concern) That isn't like me. I really didn't care about a whole lot of things. Thankfully I can say that I am starting to feel like my old self. I made Thank you cards and it felt good!